Most probably this error happened because the cardholder (your client) has entered an invalid card number. Also, sometimes it indicates that the used card is using one of PayTabs's test cards in a Live profile, or vice versa.

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How to investigate the reason that caused this error?

You can check the "Response Code" in the transaction from your PayTabs's dashboard. Also, to check whether the used card is test one or not, you can check the description attribute under the "Payment Method" tab.

Reason #1: An invalid card number was provided on the payment page

This means that the cardholder provided an invalid card number that led to this error instead of proceeding with the purchase. In this case, you will need to guide your clients to check if they entered the right card number. Also, If you or one of your technical team were the ones who face this issue, you may check if the card that has been entered is a PayTabs's test card number on the Live profile or vice versa.

PayTabs's test card will work on Test Profile Only, as well as real cards will work on Live Profile Only.

You can see all PayTabs test cards from your Dashboard in Developer Menu > Testing > Test Cards.

For information about Test profile and Live profile, you may like to check our "What is Test Profile vs Live Profile?" solution article.