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What is the "tran_class"?

The tran_class is responsible to identify the class of a transaction such as ECommerce, Recurring, etc. The tran_class is one of the required parameters that you need to enter while using some of the API endpoints requests.

What are different values for the tran_class?

EcomECommerce Online Transaction
MotoMail Order Telephonic Order Transaction
RecurringRecurring token-based transaction


The initial request to create any payment page should be with class "ecom", which indicates to eCommerce asin the code below

"tran_type": "sale",    
"tran_class": "ecom",
"tokenise": "2",

The parameter "tokenise" is an optional parameter, where you need to pass, only if you want to save a transaction's token, for further usage such as the used one in the recurring requests.

The "tokenise" value is per the below table


Recurring (Tokenization)

Tokenization is the process of protecting sensitive data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token. This can be used to allow returning customers to purchase without re-entering credit card details (recurring) such as monthly subscriptions fees. 

 Once you have the token from the initial payment response, you can do a new request and pass the token number as "token" in case you need to perform recurring action.

"tran_type": "sale",    
"tran_class": "recurring"
"token": "xxxxxxx"  (received in the response of initial payment)
"tran_id": "xxxxxxx"         (received in the response of initial payment) 

The recurring (tokenization) feature should be enabled on your account (profile) before using it. You can enable it by sending an email to [email protected]

For more information, you may check our "Token Based Transactions (Recurring)" solution article.


The moto class is meant to be used to process the request/payment with "Non 3DS" and/or "Non CVV".

"tran_type": "sale",    
"tran_class": "moto"
"card_details": {
        "pan": "4000000000000002",
        "expiry_month": 12,
        "expiry_year": 2022

When can I use Moto?

  • If you have your client's card saved in your database, then using the class "moto" you do not need to ask your client for their cards information on any future purchase.
  • If you are a big known business market and since not all people have a 3DS n their card, by using the class "moto", you can process the request/payment without 3DS.

What are the Moto feature requirements?

  1. The Moto feature should be enabled on your account (profile) before using it. Only your account manager can decide if it can be applied to your profile or not.
  2. The Moto feature will work in the "Own Form" request only.
  3. PCI DSS certification to a minimum of SAQ-D is required to have the moto feature enabled on your profile.