Most probably this error happened because either you are trying to send a payment request using the Own-Form integration type, While your Merchant profile has no PCI DSS certification attached.

You may need to check the following resources for a better understanding of this articl- 1.1 Own Form APIs | PCI Requirements

- The Own Form APIs Integration Manual

- What is PCI DSS? and What are the Merchant Requirements?

In this article you will be going to know about the: 

How to investigate the reason that caused this error?

You can investigate the reason for such an error from the "API debug log" by navigating to the Developer’s menu > Testing > API Debug Logs (within your desired profile).

Or you may get the error directly from the response payload sent according to your sent request 



Reason #1: Using an Own-Form integration type with no PCI DSS certification.


This means that your merchant profile has no PCI DSS certification attached to it since it's required for using the Own-Form Payment request, You can't proceed without having the certification attached.

If you are a PCI DSS certified merchant, kindly contact the [email protected]

Or you can use the hosted payment page integration type which doesn't require PCI DSS certification