PayTabs Node.js Package makes integration with the PayTabs payment gateway very easy by providing a ready-made payment class that handles the card entry, and billing & shipping information and completes the missing details.

After you have setup our package successfully, as clarified in the last step (Step 1 - Node.js Package | Setup and activate the integration method), you can now manage your integration configuration to start using our package easily in any further steps. Kindly check the steps that will walk you through how to configure the package:

  1. Open your Node.js project directory. 
  2. Then, you will need to create the payment handler script.
  3. You will have to require the package and set the main configurations as shown below:

    const paytabs = require('paytabs_pt2');
        profileID = "8***4",
        serverKey = "SJJNZ****D-J2J****ML6-99******DZ",
        region = "EGY";
    paytabs.setConfig( profileID, serverKey, region);

    Profile ID

    The Parameter Tag/NameprofileID
    Data TypeSTRING  
    Indicates the profile of the merchant associated to this call. To know how to get yours from your PayTabs dashboard please check our How to get your account information from PT2 Dashboard?  solution article.
    Validation Rules
    Accept only valid profile number

    Server Key

    The Parameter Tag/NameserverKey
    Data TypeSTRING  
    The merchant profile's server key which used for authentication purposes. You can get it from your dashboard. To know more about how, please check our How to get my Authentication/Integration/API Keys? solution article.
    Validation Rules
    Accept only valid server key


    The Parameter Tag/Nameregion
    Data TypeSTRING  
    Indicates the merchant account's country. It must be related to the profile used in the integration. Please check our What is my (Region)/(endpoint URL)? solution article.
     Validation Rules
    - Must be in ISO alpha-2 format.
    - Accept only one value from the below:
    ARE => United Arab Emirates
    SAU => Saudi Arabia
    OMN => Oman 
    JOR => Jordan
    EGY => Egypt
    GLOBAL => Global


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