PayTabs backend packages make integrating with the PayTabs payment gateway simple, by providing ready-made classes that handle the payment process. 

In this article, we will walk you through how to integrate our NodeJs package into your system from start, to accepting payments and handling its responses. This 7 steps process will take you on a detailed informative journey that includes each possible information you may need. Kindly take your time in reading and simulate the following steps in sequence:


Step 1 - Setup and activate the integration method

Step 2 - Configure the integration method

Step 3 - Initiating the payment

Step 4 - Accepting the payment

Step 5 - Handle the payment response

Step 6 - Handle the post-payment responses

Step 7 - Manage Transactions

Once you reach this point, you will have a clear vision of the exact steps required to integrate your system with our package and hit the ground running, with your business.


The PayTabs team wishes you success with your e-business.