PayTabs plugins make the integration with the PayTabs payment gateway very easy by providing a ready-made and easy-to-install plugin that enables you to be ready and go with a few steps to get you up and running with your business. 

In this article, we will walk you through how to control what will be the order status on your CS-Cart website/store after it has been completed (authenticated/successful payment). We highly recommend that you check the CS-Cart order workflow first to understand the business/logic this configuration option relay on. To manage this configuration option, kindly follow the below steps:

  1. From your Cs-Cart admin panel, navigate to Administrations > Payment methods
  2. Then, select the Paytabs payment method from the listed available Cs-Cart payment methods.

  3. Click the edit button to configure the plugin.

  4. Finally, Choose which of the below order statuses you want your successfully paid orders to be marked with after  it has been completed (authenticated/successful payment) as shown below:


  5. Finally, on the Save button to save your configurations.

Be very careful when you change the Default option. Once you change it, you change the normal flow of the Order into the CS-Cart system, you may encounter some consequences based on the new value you set 

To get familiar with the whole process and the other steps, kindly navigate to our "The CS-Cart Plugin Integration Manual" solution article. 

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