Through your Developers panel, you can access several integration documentation and guides for seamless integration that will suit your platforms. Not only this but also several features that assist you in the integration process such as API Logs, IPNs, Test Cards and so, The Certificate Management Part is a part of your Paytabs dashboard developer panel.

In this article, we will walk you through understanding the "Certificate Management" section and how to get the best out of using it. Integration with Paytabs using ApplePay or Samsung Wallet (Samsung Pay) requires a type of certification that should be uploaded to your Paytabs Dashboard.

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To configure your ApplePay certification in your merchant dashboard for SDK usage purposes, simply follow the steps mentioned in the article How to configure Apple Pay Certificate in my PayTabs dashboard?


To integrate your system with SamsungPay for SDK usage purposes, the following steps comprise the general process for integrating the SamsungPay SDK with your application kindly check the article How to integrate my application using Samsung Pay?