To configure your Apple Pay certification in your merchant dashboard for SDK usage purposes, simply follow the steps:

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What is an Apple Pay certificate?

Apple Pay certificate is a certificate that would be generated from the Apple Developer portal, to be used for Apple Pay transactions.

Why would you need an Apple Pay certificate?

Apple Pay lets the user store payment information on their device and then use it to quickly purchase goods and services in your app. Your app creates a payment request that Apple Pay transfers between your app, the Apple Pay servers, and your payment provider. Apple Pay leverages the device’s Secure Element to help protect the user’s payment information.

What does the Apple Pay certificate is used for?

PayTabs is using this certificate to decrypt the Apple Pay token which is included in the payment request sent to PayTabs.
The types of Payment requests that require this configuration include all PayTabs SDKs and the ApplePay direct payment request, while the Hosted Payment Page doesn't require this configuration since PayTabs is using its own Apple Pay certification in the Hosted Payment Page

Note that, in case of using Apple Pay in your iOS App, You will need to How to configure ApplePay Capability, this is a required step before following the below instructions.

How to configure Apple Pay Certificate?

To configure the Apple Pay certificate, you need to follow the below instructions 

1) Generate CSR via PayTabs Portal

  • Click on ➕ to add a request for the certificate. 

  • Wait for the process to be finished, then download the certificate file. 

2) Create an Apple Pay certificate via your account on Apple Developer

  • Navigate to the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, then click on Add certificate button. 

  • Check the "Apple Pay Payment Processing Certificate" option, under the section Services, then click the Continue button. 

  • Choose the Merchant ID from the dropdown list, then click on the Continue button. 

  • Click on Create Certificate button under the section Apple Pay Payment Processing Certificate

  • Click on Choose File to select the certificate file you downloaded from the PayTabs portal in Step 1, then click on the Continue button. 

  • Download your certificate to your Mac, then double-click the .cer file to install in Keychain Access

3) Upload your certificate to the PayTabs portal.

  • Navigate to PayTabs Certificate Management.

  • Enter the Merchant ID under the section COMPLETE CERTIFICATE REQUEST, then choose the .cer file you downloaded in Step 2 and click on the Save button. 

  • Congratulations, your certificate request was completed successfully, and your PayTabs profile is ready for getting payments using Apple Pay.