Each merchant account can have more than one user associated with it, so the user can access his account separately. Each user of them considered a new identity for a different person/team member that can be given a specific role and set of permissions, which controls what this user will be able to do when they log in. 

In the Team panel, "owner" users can add team members and assign roles to manage transaction monitoring, reporting, and other processing functions.

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Video Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to manage the Team panel or simply check the below detailed article:

How to add/invite a new team member?

  1. Click on the (+) sign to add a new team member. 

  2. Enter the user's email address, then click on Save.

  3. Now, fill in the rest of the user's details, position, role, and permissions which control his access to other menu items and action buttons. You will also need to link him to access a specific profile or all profiles.

    you can choose either one or multiple profiles from the dropdown list that will appear once you click on the Profile dropdown menu.

    For security purposes, if a user is already associated with another merchant in PayTabs, their personal information (Name, Email, Phone, Position) remains hidden until they accept the invitation.

  4. The invitation will remain pending until the new member is verified via email. 

    There is an option to resend an invitation, to be a member via email, when required, or in case the user didn't receive the first invitation for any reason.

What is the Role?

-The Role in PayTabs accounts varies between Owner, Manager, Finance, Developer, and Customer support.

To know more about this please check our User Roles and Permissions solution article.

What is the Permission?

The Permission is a set of controls associated with each role. So, each permission will connect to a single role.


Each user associated with a merchant can be given a specific role and set of permissions, which controls what that user will be able to do/access when they log in.

How to change/delete the user's role? 

  1. log in to your merchant dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the "Team" menu.
  3. Click on the name of the user you want to change his role.

  4. Then, click on the "Edit" button to change the "Role" or permission or "Delete" to remove the member from your account.

  5. Now, you can select the desired role for this user and then click on the "Save" button.


  6. Choose the profile ID/s that you want to give this team member access to (in case you have more than one profile ), you can choose a specific profile or multiple profiles ( whether the test or live profiles ).

    Once you click on the "Profile" Tab, you will get a dropdown list of your existing profiles so you can choose between them.

Only Owner users can change the roles and options for other team members who have access to the dashboard.


Once the user verifies his account/email, none of the information such as email or mobile can be modified from the dashboard.