If you've forgotten your PayTabs account password and need to reset it, simply follow the steps below as Password reset is a self-service:

  1. Access the PayTabs dashboard; User/Receiver to Login to the self-service portal from here.
  2. Make sure to select your correct country, selecting the wrong country will result in not receiving the reset email.

  3. Navigate to the Reset password by clicking "Forgot password"

  4. Add your registered email, and make sure the spelling is correct.
  5. You will receive a Reset Password Email at your registered email address. Please use this email to set a new password, bearing in mind that the link will expire in 24 hours.
To ensure your new password is accepted, please select one that differs from your previously assigned passwords.

Below are some common errors you may encounter, along with possible solutions: 
-Please note that if you didn't get the password reset email, it may be due to selecting the incorrect country during the login or password reset process.

-If you have selected the correct country and provided the correct email address but still cannot find any reset email in your inbox, spam, or junk folders, then please contact [email protected] to investigate the issue further.
-If you are using a corporate email such as ([email protected]), it's possible that the server may block emails from reaching the inbox due to security checks. In such cases, please contact your Security, server admin, or IT team to verify if the email is queued.