Most probably, this issue happened because either the email has been moved to the user email junk (spam) folder or the email has been dropped from the SendGrid system.

In this article, you will be going to know about: 

Reason #1: The email has been moved to the user's email junk (spam) folder.


In this case, you have to advise your users to check their email folders to make sure that the email was not filtered out of the inbox to other folders.

Reason #2: The email has been dropped from the SendGrid system.


In this case, there are two different situations described below:

  • Emails sent from PayTabs' SendGrid account. This includes all the following types:
    • Account activation emails.
    • Password reset emails.
    • Customer invoices (Just in case you didn't set up your own SendGrid account).
  • Emails sent from your own SendGrid account.

If the email issue is with PayTabs' SendGrid account, please contact us at ([email protected]) to check the issue from our side and assist you accordingly.

Otherwise, if the issue is with your SendGrid account, please make sure you configured the account exactly as explained in our How to integrate my Paytabs account with my SendGrid account? solution article. If your account is configured correctly, then please open your SendGrid account and navigate to the "Activity" menu, which should display the undelivered emails as shown below:

Emails that have not been delivered should have a detailed reason for not delivering them. You can just click on any of them, and a popup will appear in a side window with the details.

The most common reason is that the recipient has been added to the "Bounce List". Recipients added to this list may be either invalid, or the domain/email server has some issues. Here are some tips that you may try to ask the recipient's IT team to check:

  1. Add your "from email" to the list of safe senders.
  2. Remove your "from email" from blocked senders.
  3. Whitelist the IP you are sending from.