Most probably this error happened because the transaction amount has exceeded the PayTabs' merchant's transaction limit (minimum limit, or maximum one). In other words, your client's total order amount has exceeded your transaction limit.

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How to investigate the reason that caused this error?

You can investigate the reason for such an error from the "Response Code" in the transaction from your merchant dashboard.

Reason #1: The client performed a purchase that has exceeded your PayTabs limits.

This means that your client's purchase amount is more than the PayTabs' maximum transaction amount limit or less than the PayTabs' minimum transaction amount limit that is already informed to you when you signed the contract. For example, your client performed an order with a total amount of $10,000 and your PayTabs' maximum transaction amount limit is $5000 only. Then, this transaction will be declined because the transaction's amount limit got exceeded. In this case, kindly ask your client to perform a purchase within your account's limits.

If you need to increase the transaction amount limit of your account, then you need to contact your account manager or the sales representative responsible for your account, or simply send an email at "[email protected]" requesting to increase the limit and mentioning your reasons.

You should know that the concerned team may accept or refuse your request based on their risk assessments.

The default transaction amount limit is $5000 for any account regardless of its region (KSA, UAE, Egypt, etc). We made default to this number to protect your account from any fraudulent transactions.