In the below topic, learn how to easily find all the answers needed via our support portal and get an idea about the available solution articles.

 In this article you will get to know:

A video Tutorial on how to Navigate the support portal:

How you can reach the support portal?

You can directly access the PayTabs support portal via the URL:

How to use the support portal to find answers to your inquiries?

1- You can use the search bar directly to search for any topic you have in mind:

2- Check the available categories to find a specific topic

For example: for a new merchant who needs to know how to create a new account, you can navigate to Getting Started> Setup New Account category and choose " How to create PayTabs account and access dashboard for the first time? "

What are the available Categories in the solution portal?

Below you can find a list of the most needed solution articles :

Category Title 
What is it for?
Getting started
For all new merchants 

such as"Going live from Scratch Guideline"
The How To? & The What is? (FAQ)
This category may include most of the questions you can have in mind,

It includes multiple Sub-categories such as :

-How to manage my PayTabs dashboard? (Dashboard Manual)
-The How To? (FAQ)
-The What Is? (FAQ)
-The Why? (FAQ)
-The When? (FAQ)
How To Integrate With PayTabs?
Your Technical guide to integrate with PayTabs including all of the available Plugins and integration methods.

How To Integrate With PayTabs? (APIs Edition)

A full Technical guide for APIs .
Troubleshooting Your Issues/Errors
This category includes most of the declines/ errors you may face and how to handle them.

Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

This category includes all the available Payment methods, how to activate them, workflow..etc.
Such as Apple Pay, Amex, MADA...etc.
Get to know about the Pricing plans and settlements
PaymesA full list of articles about Paymes Product
Training Videos & Webinars
Watch video tutorials for multiple topics
The solution articles are not limited only to the above categories, check the portal for more topics and new products added. 

If you couldn't find the answer to any of your queries or have a suggestion for a missing article , feel free to share your suggestion via:  [email protected] 

Community forums

You may also check PayTabs Developer Community Forums, A platform for developers to help each other learn and collaborate on technical solutions related to PayTabs products.