If you ever dealt with customers claiming that you charged them, but their transactions don't show on the dashboard, then this solution article is for you!

Sometimes the processor that most of the payment gateways dealing with to perform your transactions -including PayTabs-, stops responding while they have already charged the customers for the order they are purchasing.

PayTabs, of course, has no access to know that the customer has been charged unless the processor informed PayTabs back (which, in this case, it doesn't).

If you are a merchant under the Startup Plan, all you have to do is to contact us at ([email protected]), and all the charged amounts will be refunded successfully to your customers.

If you are a PSP merchant (Opened your PayTabs Account through your Bank), you will have to check those transactions with your bank account, and kindly refund any authenticated transaction on your bank account related to those not found ones.

Paytabs is working with MPGS processor already to prevent/avoid this issue from persisting anymore.

This is an precaution option to maintain an accurate history of your transactions on PayTabs. However, if you do not mind the nonconsistency in your transaction or invoice data between your PayTabs account and your external system, feel free to proceed without refunding the customer or asking them to make the payment again. 

If you use an external accounting software, it may help you to know that some companies record it on the accounting software with an added note.