If you ever dealt with customers claiming that you charged them, but their transactions show as "declined" on the dashboard, yet it has been captured in your bank account, then this solution article is for you!

Sometimes the processor that most of the payment gateways dealing with to perform your transactions -including PayTabs-, stops responding or returns an error while they have already charged the customers for the order they are purchasing.

PayTabs, of course, has no access to know that the customer has been charged unless the processor informed PayTabs back (which, in this case, it doesn't).

If you are a merchant under the Startup Plan, all you have to do is to contact us at ([email protected]), and all the charged amounts will be refunded successfully to your customers.

If you are a PSP merchant (Openned your PayTabs Account through your Bank), don't worry, we got you an alternative that will help you to refund those amounts back to your customers; please follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard > Transactions > Search Button.

  2. Search for the declined transactions in a specific period of time then hit the "Search" button.

  3. You will get your results on the next screen to that, simply click to the export to excel sheet button to perform filtration on them as below.

  4. An Excel file will be downloaded to your local device. Open it, then click on the "Filter" button to filter the "Auth Code" column -the L column-.

  5. Then, select only the "300" auth code to filter the transactions as below

  6. Finally, you will get the transactions that may be charged to the customers but PayTabs didn't get any response from the processor operation with your acquirer bank.

  7. Check those transactions with your bank account, and kindly refund any authenticated transaction on your bank account related to those declined ones.

Paytabs is working with MPGS processor already to prevent/avoid this issue from persisting anymore.