Refund requests can be rejected with response code [342 - Refund balance exceeded]  due to insufficient balance in the merchant account.  

This indicates that the amount you are trying to refund is greater than the closing balance( available balance) in your PayTabs account account.

If the refund has been declined, you must initiate the refund request again on the same transaction. Adding sufficient balance will not result in an automatic refund.


To proceed with the refund you can follow below solutions:

  1. We can issue an invoice from our side, and send you the payment link to pay and reflect the amount in your account. please specify the amount that you would like to pay (preferably greater than the refund amount)

  2. You may issue an invoice for your self from your merchant dashboard and pay it to reflect the amount in your account (after the holding days (3 days) will pass -transfer from pending), then you can re-initiate the refund. Please note that you need to issue an invoice with an amount greater than the refund amount as the rate and tax will be deducted.

  3. Refund the client via bank transfer.

  4. In the case of any pending amount in your account associated with other payments,you can wait until the hold period ends. This will enable the amount to be transferred to your available balance. Once this is done, you can proceed with re-initiating the refund if the amount is enough for the desired refund.
Learn how to initiate a refund by following the steps in this article How to Refund an Authorized Transaction?