PayTabs always aims to provide a good quality service to its merchants, not only in the integration part but also after integration services. One of these services is allowing the merchants to have their own API log, to check the errors that occur during the integration process for faster handling and debugging. 

You can access your logs from the following link in your dashboard via:

  1. Navigate to your Developers menu in your dashboard.
  2. Seek for the API Debug Logs under the "Testing" card view.

  3. Through this log, you can check the requests log, payload, and header, which gives you a faster, effective, and professional troubleshooting/tracing of your transactions via any integration call.

In case you faced any issue that you need technical assistance to solve, try our fully detailed "Troubleshooting Your Issues/Errors" category which will allow you to trace and solve your issues on your own without seeking any assistance.