PayTabs plugins make the integration with the PayTabs payment gateway very easy by providing a ready-made and easy-to-install plugin that enables you to be ready and go with a few steps to get you up and running with your business.  


In this solution article, you will learn about this plugin's supported payment methods. The CS-Cart Plugin currently supports all available payment methods that PayTabs provide, as listed below:

  • Global:
    • Credit Cards
    • American Express
    • Apple Pay
    • Union Pay
    • Amex
  • Saudi Arabia:
    • Mada
    • STC Pay
    • Ur Pay
  • Egypt:
    • ValU
    • Fawry
    • Meeza Card
    • Meeza Wallet
  • Oman:
    • OmanNet
  • Kuwait:
    • Knet - KN Pay

A payment method named "PayTabs" will be shown on your checkout page, which will redirect your customer to a payment page that supports all the available/configured payment methods (from the above list) on your PayTabs merchant account. The payment page your customer will be redirected to will be displayed as shown below:

To get familiar with the whole process and the other steps, kindly navigate to our "The CS-Cart Plugin Integration Manual" solution article. 
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