Paytabs provides you with a collection of API endpoints which used to process all payments, regardless of if they are through either your own payment pages, the managed payment pages, or if you are using the hosted payment pages. 

This article is dedicated to the clarification of the Profile ID (profile_id) parameter. "profile_id" is one of the mandatory parameters that the request should have, which indicates the merchant Profile ID you can get from your PayTavs dashboard. For more information please check our How to get your account information from PT2 Dashboard? solution article.


The Parameter Tag/Nameprofile_id
JSON Example
"profile_id": 987654
Data TypeINT
Validation Rules

Accept only valid profile numbers.

Usage Workflow

Along with the required parameters mentioned in our Step 3 - PT2 API Endpoints | Initiating the payment solution article, you will need to set the "profile_id" as shown below:

You can notice that the passed "profileId" parameter is already included within the response object.

Sample Request Payload

    "profile_id": "987654",

    "tran_type": "sale",
    "tran_class": "ecom",
    "cart_id": "CART#1001",
    "cart_currency": "USD",
    "cart_amount": 500,
    "cart_description": "Description of the items/services",

Sample Response Payload

    "tran_ref": "TST2231101374414",
    "tran_type": "Sale",
    "cart_id": "CART#1001",
    "cart_description": "Description of the items/services",
    "cart_currency": "USD",
    "cart_amount": "500.00",
    "redirect_url": "",
    "serviceId": 2,

    "profileId": 987654,

    "merchantId": 123456,
    "trace": "PMNT0404.6368BC3D.000BAF4C"