Most probably this Issue happened because the billing address [customer_details] was NOT sent within the payment request, And when Paytabs tried to get those details from the customer's ApplePay wallet, the Wallet found that those details are missing or not updated.

To get the best out of this article it requires understanding ApplePay Payment Workflow 

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How to investigate the reason that caused this error?

Usually, you will receive a complaint from a customer that he/she is unable to complete the payment using the ApplePay wallet with a screenshot like the following.


Unfortunately, at this stage (popped-up wallet), there are no logs that could be found on the Paytabs side. However, as per the above figure, you can see the message "Update Billing Address".

Reason #1: The Billing address was found neither within the API request nor the wallet


The above screenshot came out after triggering the Apple "Pay" button, the operating system pop up the ApplePay wallet letting the customer choose one of his/her cards to complete the payment.

That would require the customer to pre-add the card to his/her wallet, Usually, ApplePay shows the form to add the billing address while adding the card, since it's not required by ApplePay, customers may ignore filling those details.

Since Paytabs requires the billing address [customer details] to complete the payment, if it was not provided with the API request, Paytabs would try to get it from the wallet, If found it will Pass, if not the message "Update Billing Address" will show up to the customer to request updating the billing address on his wallet.

Note that Paytabs always ask for name and email from ApplePay wallet, Either it was provided within the request or not. 
So address section may get skipped (if found within the API request), but the name and email are always asked for.