Aman Installments is the most powerful application in Egypt through which you can pay in more than 3,500 places and online. It provides customers with an easier, more convenient, and faster approval process to buy everything they need and pay in installments over the period that suits them from 6 months to 36 months without a down payment and interest-free offers throughout the year.

Aman Installments is one of Egypt's most popular payment systems.

In this article , you will get to learn:

Supported Regions

  • Merchants in Egypt can enable Aman installments as an alternative payment method. 

Activation Requirements

As a merchant, you need to have  an active account on PayTabs.

How to activate Aman Installments?

  • Merchants in Egypt can enable Aman Installments as an APM directly by raising a request to [email protected] along with your merchant ID.

  • If you were:
    • E-commerce "Online Presence": You will need to sign an Aman Installments e-commerce contract, which can be provided by the Egypt sales team
    • Retail "Offline": You will need to sign an Aman Installments retail contract which can be provided by the Egypt sales team.

Aman Installments Payment Workflow (User Experience)

Aman Installments payment method is hosted by PayTabs, which means that it will be managed and processed on our side. You can have the same page embedded in your checkout page by following our   How to not redirect my customers to an external payment page? (iFrame/Embedded Mode) solution article.

Using the Aman Installments payment method (via one of our integration methods listed in our How to integrate with PayTabs? solution article), when the cardholder proceeds to checkout on the merchant side, they will be redirected to the PayTabs hosted page which then he can choose the Aman Installments payment method to choose one of the many settlement options he would have.

Once the customer is redirected to the payment page he/she will pick Aman Installments as below.

Then the customer will be required to enter his details to proceed to the next step.

After that, the customer can see an option for a downpayment (must be less than the cart amount) with a minimum transaction amount of 500EGP.

Then the customer can pick the tenure that suits his needs from 6 months to 36 months.

Then will wait for the OTP sent by Aman to confirm the transaction.

The final step is the confirmation that the payment is successful.

Transactions that have been paid through Aman Installments will be tagged in the payment method in the transaction detail window as shown below:

The Settlement Flow

Kindly note that ِAman Installments settlement happens at the beginning of every 15 days directly by Aman.

The Refund Process Flow

Please note that the refund happens from the Aman dashboard once your live credentials are shared with you for the Aman installments dashboard to refund it.