PayLinks is a basic payment interface for straightforward payment handling by providing the amount to be settled. The generated payment link is reusable, it is shared or published to anyone. 

PayLinks also can also be used as a way of directing customers to the payment page without needing any API interface.

In this article you will be going to know about:

You can list your account PayLinks by going to your Dashboard > PayLink. All of your invoices will be listed there.

Creating a PayLink from your dashboard is easy, just follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to PayLink > click the plus button on the top right corner of your index table.

  2. Provide the essential information of the payment and then click Save.

  3. If you choose the Donation Mode then you will have to provide a minimum and maximum amounts that the customer can donate using this PayLink


Share the PayLink.

After creating the PayLink you can either share it with the customer via copy it and share it manually, SMS or by QR. To perform such action first you need to choose the desired PayLink

Manually Via Clipboard

 By clicking on the Copy to Clipboard button on the PayLink preview screen you will able to have the link that you can manually share with the customers.



  1. Then provide a valid customer's phone number then click send.


Via QR Code

By clicking on the Download QR button on the PayLink preview screen you will be able to share this QR Cde manually share with the customers.


OpenGraph Support


OpenGraph enhances how links look when shared on social media. It allows control over the title and description text used and allows a high-resolution image to be attached. 

Merchants can upload a specific custom image for each link. If enabled, then the link display on the dashboard includes buttons to share the link, currently, this is tested and working with Facebook and Twitter. The link can still be directly shared as before, and if shared directly would still provide the enhanced view on Facebook/Twitter if the link has OpenGraph enabled.



And the payment link will appear on Facebook and Twitter as follows: