NBE credit cardholders, whether existing or new customers, can repay purchases made at any merchant in Egypt and abroad including non-NBE merchants in installments.

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National Bank of Egypt is the largest acquiring bank in Egypt.

Supported Regions

Merchants in Egypt can enable NBE installments as an APM. 

How to activate it:

-Merchants in Egypt can enable NBE installments as an APM by raising a request to [email protected] along with your merchant ID.

-As a merchant, you need to have the following requirements: 

What are the features that NBE installements support?

NBE Installments Payment Workflow (User Experience)

NBE bank installment is a payment method is hosted by PayTabs, which means that it will be managed and processed on our side. You can have the same page embedded in your checkout page by following our How to not redirect my customers to an external payment page? (iFrame/Embedded Mode) solution article.

Using the NBE bank installment payment method (via one of our integration methods listed in our How to integrate with PayTabs? solution article), when the cardholder proceeds to checkout on the merchant side, they will be redirected to the PayTabs hosted payment page to provide his credit card data to complete the payment and get the OTP on the registered phone number as shown below:


Transactions that have been paid through NBE will be tagged in the payment method in the transaction detail window as shown below:


The Settlement Flow

You can request a payout by following the below article, and it'll be subject to the minimum payout added by the risk team verification through your onboarding process, to request a payout follow How to Initiate Payout? our solution article.

The Refund Process Flow

As the refund process is manual, it will take approximately 7 to 14 working days to complete. 

For refund requests, please reach out to us at [email protected] .