Using this feature can give your customers a seamless payment experience. However, accepting or declining the transaction without customer details is subjective to the acquirer's decision.

In this article we will walk you through this feature and how to use it.

In this article, you will be going to know about

What is Digital Product Mode?

In case your products/services are not physical and need to be shipped to the customers, then showing the customer address or shipping details on the payment page is not required. In this case, you can enable the digital product's mode on your payment page which will hide them.

What are the benefits of using the Digital Product Mode?

As a result of using the digital product mode, your customer will not be required to fill in the billing address on the payment page which gives a seamless experience.

The Limitations

Accepting or declining the transaction without customer details is subjective to the acquirer's decision, So using the feature is requiring further approval from the Paytabs risk team, so please make sure to contact us at ([email protected]) for further details to enable this feature for you.

How to Enable/Disable the Digital Product Mode in the Paytabs Payment page?

To enable/Disable the Digital Product mode, 

  1. In Your Paytabs dashboard navigate to Developers, then choose PayPage Settings (Theme) under the "PayPage configuration" section. 

  2. Then a grid view will be shown containing all of the predefined themes that you have on your profile. You can add multiple themes for different types of uses by clicking the (+) button on the top right corner of the page.

    If you have multiple themes the default one will be applied by default.

  3. By navigating to the "PayPage Settings" page, you will be able to manage several options that allow you to customize your PayTabs payment page.

    Toggle the button next to Digital Product Mode to switch it enabled/disabled.

  4. Make sure to save your setting.

How to switch (enabling/disabling) the digital product mode using PT2 API and Payment Page settings?

Since the Paytabs Dashboard allows you to set up multiple themes as explained in detail in the article How to customize the PayPage (Hosted Payment Page) UI?, And since you can change the theme of the payment page per the API request as explained in details in the article Request Parameters | Theme Select (config_id), You can get benefit out of both features. For example By creating one theme with digital product mode enabled and another one with product mode disabled. then switching between enabled or disabled themes by selecting the theme within the API request.