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PayTabs Transaction Panel  

PayTabs Transaction Panel supplies an all-in-one page listing of Transaction data of the current profile to empower you to monitor your transactions anytime.

Merchants can search for transactions using the following filters:

  1. Cart ID
  2. Customer’s email
  3. Transaction Status – Authorized, Error, Declined, and Any except Authorized
  4. Date range – with a maximum of 45 days


Transaction Panel: Displays the list of transactions & refunds ordered by last transaction date.


To search for any transaction, click on the magnifying glass sign, and you will have two options for search:

  • Quick
  • Advanced

Quick Search

In quick search, several filters are available to search for transactions  such as Cart ID,   Email, phone, transaction reference, auth code, and service reference. 

You can pick status from the drop-down list, then search, Which will then display a search result/transaction list.

You can also download the result as an Excel file and apply additional filters.



Quick Search: provides fast access to transactions


Advanced search can be also performed using the “advanced tab”  to search for Transactions based on Status   and  Date range,  where  Transaction  Status  can   be  Authorized,  Error,   Declined...etc


Furthermore, you have the option to save the transaction outcome in either Excel or CSV format, and apply additional filters as needed. Please refer to the Transaction Report for more information.

Advanced Search: provide detailed information about the transactions


To search for an invoice, go to the invoice section and use the search bar to filter by ID, description, date, status, or creator.


You can also download the result as an Excel file and apply additional filters.