This article will walk you through the onboarding merchants applications stage until the review of your application.  Once your application is approved - then you will have an ACTIVE account and start Accepting Payment. 

In this article you will get to learn:

Registration URL (Website):

Start the registration process by signing up via this link: (Check the Countries that are Supported by Paytabs)

-Once the registration form is complete,  check immediately  your registered email email to set a password for your merchant account (expires in 24 hours),
-Assign your password,  to be able to start the on-boarding process.

Supported  Countries:

PayTabs services are currently available in the following Countries:

  • UAE
  • KSA
  • Egypt
  • Oman
  • Jordan
  • Iraq
  • Palestine
  • Kuwait
To know more about the required KYC per your region please check our What are the required KYC documents to activate/open my account on Paytabs? solution article.

The On-Boarding Steps

The journey starts once you click on the "On-boarding" button appearing on the main page of the dashboard home screen

Now, start filling out the application. There are five (5) to Seven (7) stages you need to complete.  (depending on your business type/Country  which are as follows:

If the estimated Sales Volume state more than USD 50,000  per month your application will be under Enterprise Account.  A dedicated Relationship Manager will contact you.  You will not be provided with a Merchant Agreement and Fess.  

Stage 1 - Company Details 

Fill in your company details as shown below:


click on "Next" to be able to move forward. 

Stage 2 - Trading Details

 Fill in your Trading details as below screenshot (sample) 

Make sure to add the correct monthly estimated sales volume as your account type (Enterprise /SMB) & pricing depends on this step.


*Average ticket size refers to your product's average price.

  Click  "Next" to move forward. 

Stage 3 - Bank Account Details

You can add multiple bank account details or other Bank Details with other Currency related to your Trade License.   


 Click on Next to be able to move forward. 

Stage 4 -  Ownership Details

Fill in all the owner/s information, Note that it is required to add all the owners with their shareholder percentages (%)  as clarified on the Trade License. 

You cannot move to the next stage unless there is at least one person as an authorized signatory.


Whether a Single or Multi-Ownership company, the total UBO/Shareholder % must reach 100%.


 Click on "Next" to be able to move forward. 

Stage 5 - Uploading of Required Documents:

 Please ensure that all required documents have been uploaded.


For SMB (Small & Medium Business) your account will be subject to the next 2 steps. Signing of Merchant Agreement and Pricing Plan.

Stage 6: Merchant Agreement & Pricing Plan

At this stage, you will receive the agreement via the owner's e-mail/ authorized signatory so you can read the full agreement and then sign it.


You can also view the agreement and sign it directly by clicking on the View/Sign "Agreement" button

Once you sign the merchant agreement, please proceed to the next step as shown below:

Stage 7:  Set Up Fees 

You will be requested to pay the fees via an invoice link that will sent via the owner's email. 

Note: you can use the Re-send invoice button if you can't find the initial one.

Once you pay the set-up fees and submit your application, your account will be submitted to the Activation Team for review and approval. (During this review process in case any clarification or document support is required you will contacted.  Please make sure your contact details are reachable to speed up the Activation.

Note: You will not be able to make any changes while your account status is "Application under review.

For further assistance, feel free to reach your account manager/ sales agent directly.

All are set, complete, and correct, your application during your onboarding is approved by the Activation Team, and a  LIVE PROFILE will be initiated to proceed with accepting payments within your business.

To know more details about What is Test Profile vs Live Profile? kindly navigate to the previous solution article.